Monday, November 12, 2012

OSBA Conference: Blended Learning Notes

The next few posts are just a compilation of notes from seminars at the Oregon School Boards Association Conference that was held on November 9th through the 11th.  I had to do some introductions as being an OSBA board member but was able to go to a few that I had interest in.

What I got from this is where the state of the art is in K12.  I was a little taken aback that they were waiting for new computers with webcams when you can buy webcams for $20 and that they were not making their own brief instructional videos.  Making those brief videos was the first thing I did and I discovered the most valuable thing you can do for student success.

What follows is just a public dump of my notes and an audio file.

  1. Background 10AM Friday.
    1. Clackamas online is a charter.  Web academy
    2. They have a middle college too
    3. They are OSBA members.
    4. Appointed board
    5. All staff members are employed by North Clackamas school district.
    6. Adhere to limits on funding.
    7. And serve a note to district that was incurred earlier.
    8. Odessyware is the online curriculum development platform.
  2. Blended
    1. Online  platforms and on site.
    2. They have classrooms in commercial space.  Always been curious why we don’t do this more.
    3. bimonthly meetings in students home.
    4. They also have onsite tutors.  Are tutors online too?
    5. They have the councilors go with the students.  The Cs don’t stay in place.
  3. Work on math
    1. they are hooking videos to the courses
    2. Why are you taking a final?
    3. You can have online proctoring if you need.
    4. Sounds like they were stopped by not having a $20 piece of equipment.
  4. Home school mom
    1. Saves her time grading
    2. Still allows her to help with education.
    3. Also saved her money. She does not have to purchase it anymore
    4. OH, they provide a laptop for each student.
    5. Weekly progress report including how much time they spend on each assignment.
  5. The student view
    1. The oldest child was the real go getter.  BTW Mom was on the board.
  6. What about students that can be home schooled at home for whatever reason.
    1. Answer focused on special education.