Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OSBA Conference: Decisions With Data

This one should have been titled, "A Love Letter to the Hermiston School District".  Over the years the Hermiston school district has generated more good ideas and better implementations of good ideas than any other school district in Oregon.  Hats Off.

How should I put it.  They created a way of looking at student data that is an absolute dream.  It is everything that I said was needed and what I was told was impossible.  We should be sending teachers and administrators to Hermiston to take a look at what they do, how they do it, and figure out how their culture makes this all possible.

Notes and audio below.

  1. Dashboard point of view
  2. Question:  How can you do custom hypotheses tests.  Outside of fancy programming, data pulls for analysis.  It is complicated a lot of times.  Requires an expert.  So if you are a small district, you can get the reports and maybe filter access.
  3. So the mobility is transactional system...that which leads into the warehouse.
  4. Do you create an anonymous micro data sample for research purposes?  No they don’t create this.
  5. Says the it can handle proficiency based.
  6. Their dashboard can do gender things too...and very good dashboard.
  7. Robin DeLoach is the one that made this all work.  She is at Willamette ESD.  Get her connected.
  8. Pearson power is for the info to parent.