Monday, November 12, 2012

OSBA Conference: Foundations Q&A

The second seminar was on foundations.  Parkrose has an educational foundation, but it is small.  A long time ago I was involved in getting that restarted after it was abandoned for a few years.  It has grown a lot since those days but we have not hit the point were it has a paid employee and where we are getting the corporate donations.   I want to know how to get there.

The big takeaway was that the foundation needs to move away from funding teacher projects to funding their own initiatives.  Maybe it has to partner with All Hands Raised to get that done?  I really think that is the way it will happen.

Here are the notes and audio.

  1. Karina Intro
    1. 68K to  1.5M with 240 employees.
    2. Alignment with district plans
    3. Doing more than just teacher grants
    4. They operate the after school programs.
    5. They have a limited base, high poverty and not a lot of corporate because of seat of government.
    6. they now manage volunteer services
    7. They raise money for professional development.
  2. My question.  Specific strat for 3,500 district mostly residential with FRL near 80% from 60K budget to next level and no employees.  Added difficulty neighbor district foundation tends to dominate the area with, “all students in all neighborhoods’ line.
  3. Make sure sup and school board members are not involved with ask to vendors.
  4. They take a cut of pass through then 10% or so.  SK takes 15%.
  5. Best
    1. Sustainable
    2. Credible
    3. Transparent
  6. Five Pieces
    1. Infrastructure -- treat it like a corporation
    2. Board -- pick a team not people that are breathing.
    3. Image -- hire to make you look credible.  Spend money on the marketing material
    4. Stories
    5. Development
  7. Two models to go to paid
    1. District pays for exec director but has problems with staff after that
    2. No relationship to district
    3. District lets contract for foundation to provide some services.
    4. exec is district employee and foundation reimburses part