Monday, November 12, 2012

OSBA Conference: ORVED

This was about the Oregon Virtual Education Charter School.  I wanted to see if this was ready for Parkrose kids and I had high hopes.  They have not done anything about teacher and course evaluation.  I asked about this last year when they made a presentation to the OSBA board.

This is not ready for our kids.

Notes and audio.

  1. Can enroll on any date.
  2. The rest looks like the same as the other presentation
  3. Cooperative agreement is that the student can still come back to the school to take classes at the base brick and mortar.
  4. Teachers, part time, decide how many they want to teach and which classes.  Up to 59 students.
  5. Platform I have not heard of
  6. Revenue sharing model.
    1. Fee for course
    2. Enroll is the alternative  cost 3600, Sponsor gets 292 and the remainder goes back to district where the student lives.
  7. Questions
    1. Teacher contract
      1. $10.42 per week per student
    2. Not much with evaluation part
    3. Religious based none, but that may be a demand.
    4. Long discussion on this.  There may be a problem.