Friday, December 21, 2012

Grant Incentives in Higher Education

About five years ago I went through a tooth pulling exercise with my dean over adding incentives to my contract that rewarded me with bringing in grant money.  My argument was that I had no incentive to get grants since all I got out of it was extra work without extra time to do it or extra money to compensate me.  The kind of grants I get don't allow me to get equipment  I could use on other projects or anything like that.

There was a lot of tooth pulling.  I eventually got it in the contract but the extra incentive was so small it was hardly worth it.  That said, the school picked up on the idea and it is now in its second year.

The email below is from the research office.

In 2011 Vice President Jon Fink created the "PI Incentive" program to
encourage faculty to engage in sponsored research.  The program returns a
portion of the F&A earned to Principal Investigators, as long as they
earned at least $5,000 for PSU.  Incentive amounts were distributed last
fiscal year based on the amounts earned in FY 2010 and FY 2011.

We are pleased to announce that RSP has funded this program for the third
consecutive year.  Money was transferred to PIs individual "PIN" index
codes in November based on F&A earned last fiscal year.  Please contact
your department chair for details.